• Orientalism
    Discussion of the general topic, with focus on the contributions of Edward Said (maintained by Jim Dexheimer of Western Michigan University).
  • Romantic Orientalism
    Michael J. Franklin's module for a course on this topic at the University of Wales.
  • Colonial/Post-colonial Web Sites
    Forty-four items listed under this heading (maintained by Mitsuharu Matsuoka of the Department of English, Nagoya University, Japan).
  • The Containment and Re-deployment of English India
    Collection of essays under this title, edited by Daniel J. O'Quinn (2000), relevant to Romantic Orientalism, two of them specifically on Sir William Jones and Moore's Lalla Rookh.
  • Beckfordiana: The William Beckford Web site
    Comprehensive and illustrated Web site on the life and works of the author of Vathek.

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