1. A British soldier peers over sandbags into no-man’s land.
  2. German soldiers in the trenches of the Eastern Front (1916).
  3. An aerial view of a German mustard gas attack on the Eastern Front.
  4. The Army Isn’t All Work.
  5. Women of Britain say – GO!”
  6. We Need You.
  7. Britons! [Kitchener] Wants You.
  8. Paul Nash, “The Ypres Salient by Night” (1918).
  9. Gilbert Rogers, Wounded, in Messina, during an attack in 1917.
  10. WWI Veterans line the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium, for a memorial service in July, 1927.
  11. Mourners lay flowers at the base of the Whitehall Cenotaph during a Remembrance Day observance, November 11, 1920.

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