var nc = 15, fc = new Array(nc); fc[0] = {t:"Absolute Entropy",d:"The entropy change of a substance taken from S = 0 (at T = 0 K) to some other temperature. Absolute entropies are determined from the temperature dependence of the molar heat capacity."}; fc[1] = {t:"Entropy (S)",d:"A measure of the distribution of energy in a system at a specific temperature."}; fc[2] = {t:"Free Energy (G)",d:"A thermodynamic state function that provides a criterion for spontaneous change; an indication of the energy available to do useful work."}; fc[3] = {t:"Free-Energy Change (ΔG)",d:"The change in free energy of a process; ΔG < 0 for spontaneous proceses at constant temperature and pressure."}; fc[4] = {t:"Glycolysis",d:"A series of reactions that converts glucose into pyruvate; a major anaerobic (no oxygen required) pathway for the metabolism of glucose in the cells of almost all living organisms."}; fc[5] = {t:"Isothermal Process",d:"A process that takes place at constant temperature."}; fc[6] = {t:"Microstate",d:"A unique distribution of particles among energy levels."}; fc[7] = {t:"Nonspontaneous Process",d:"A process that occurs only as long as energy is continually added to the system."}; fc[8] = {t:"Phosphorylation",d:"A reaction resulting in the addition of a phosphate group to an organic molecule."}; fc[9] = {t:"Reversible Process",d:"A process that can be run in the reverse direction in such a way that, once the system has been restored to its original state, no net heat has flowed either to the system or to its surroundings."}; fc[10] = {t:"Second Law of Thermodynamics",d:"The total entropy of the universe increases in any spontaneous process."}; fc[11] = {t:"Spontaneous Process",d:"A process that occurs without outside intervention."}; fc[12] = {t:"Standard Free Energy of Formation (ΔGf°)",d:"The change in free energy associated with the formation of 1 mole of a compound in its standard state from its elements."}; fc[13] = {t:"Standard Molar Entropy (S°)",d:"The absolute entropy of 1 mole of a substance in its standard state."}; fc[14] = {t:"Third Law of Thermodynamics",d:"The entropy of a perfect crystal is zero at absolute zero."};