var nc = 18, fc = new Array(nc); fc[0] = {t:"Born-Haber Cycle",d:"A series of steps with corresponding enthalpy changes that describes the formation of an ionic solid from its constituent elements."}; fc[1] = {t:"Clausius-Clapeyron Equation",d:"Relates the vapor pressures of a substance at different temperatures to its heat of vaporization."}; fc[2] = {t:"Colligative Properties",d:"Characteristics of solutions that depend on the concentration and not the identity of particles dissolved in the solvent."}; fc[3] = {t:"Crude Oil",d:"A combustible liquid mixture of hydrocarbons and other organic molecules formed under the Earth’s surface."}; fc[4] = {t:"Enthalpy of Hydration (ΔHhydration)",d:"The heat change when gas-phase ions dissolve in a solvent."}; fc[5] = {t:"Enthalpy of Solution (ΔHsolution)",d:"The overall heat change when a solute is dissolved in a solvent."}; fc[6] = {t:"Factional Distillation",d:"A method of separating a mixture of compounds on the basis of their different boiling points."}; fc[7] = {t:"Ideal Solution",d:"One that obeys Raoult’s law."}; fc[8] = {t:"Ion Pair",d:"A cluster formed when a cation and an anion associate with each other in solution."}; fc[9] = {t:"Lattice Energy (U)",d:"The energy released when 1 mole of an ionic compound forms from its free ions in the gas phase."}; fc[10] = {t:"Molality (m)",d:"Concentration expressed as the number of moles of solute per kilogram of solvent."}; fc[11] = {t:"Normal Boiling Point",d:"The temperature at which the vapor pressure of a liquid equals 1 atm (760 torr)."}; fc[12] = {t:"Osmosis",d:"The flow of a fluid through a semipermeable membrane to balance the concentration of solutes in solutions on the two sides of the membrane. The solvent molecules’ flow proceeds from the more dilute solution into the more concentrated one."}; fc[13] = {t:"Osmotic Pressure (π)",d:"The pressure applied across a semipermeable membrane to stop the flow of solvent from the compartment containing pure solvent or a less concentrated solution to the compartment containing a more concentrated solution. The osmotic pressure of a solution increases with solute concentration M and with solution temperature T."}; fc[14] = {t:"Raoult’s Law",d:"The vapor pressure of a solution containing nonvolatile solutes is proportional to the mole fraction of the solvent."}; fc[15] = {t:"Reverse Osmosis",d:"A water purification process in which water is forced through semi-permeable membranes, leaving dissolved impurities behind."}; fc[16] = {t:"van’t Hoff Factor",d:"(also called i factor)
The ratio of the experimentally measured value of a colligative property to the theoretical value expected for that property if the solute were a nonelectrolyte."}; fc[17] = {t:"Vapor Pressure",d:"The pressure exerted by a gas at a given temperature in equilibrium with its liquid phase."};