What Are the Basic Brain Structures and Their Functions?
The Brain
This Animation (Flash) provides a tour of the basic brain structures.
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The Cerebrum
This Animation (Flash) provides a tour of the cerebral hemispheres.
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How Is the Brain Divided?
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
In TMS a small but very powerful magnet is held close to the participant's scalp; the magnetic field passes through the skull or cranium and temporarily disrupts the functioning of the cortical region directly below the magnet. After a brief introduction you will see a video clip that demonstrates the effects of TMS on Broca's Area, and will be presented with follow up thought questions.
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Examine Your Handedness
Are you left or right-handed? It may surprise you to learn that your writing hand is not always the best indicator for determining whether you are right or left-handed. This simple inventory is typical of the handedness inventories that researchers use for this purpose.
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