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Welcome to the StudySpace

The structure of this site uses contemporary pedagogical techniques to help you strengthen your study habits. The site is organized into 3 parts: Organize, Learn and Connect.


This material will help you prepare to tackle the chapter material by getting you to think energetically before you read the chapter.  Then when you do open your book you will engage it more effectively.

  • Chapter Study Plan guides you as you work your way through the online materials.
  • Chapter Outlines give you an overview of the issues the chapter will explore.
  • Quiz+ allows you to learn from your mistakes with customized study plans based upon your answers to quiz questions.


These exercises help you master what you've read in the chapter.

  • The “Psychology 8e” ebook provides a low-cost reading alternative, available online or in downloadable format.
  • Chapter Reviews allow you to quickly review what you have read and help you identify the most important concepts in each chapter.
  • Vocabulary Flashcards test your knowledge of important terms and concepts.
  • Solidify your knowledge of the most important diagrams and figures in each chapter with Drag-and-Drop Labeling Exercises.
  • Stream the Audio Podcast Chapter Overviews online or download to your portable media player for the opportunity to review chapter content on the go.
  • Visual Quizzes test your knowledge of the figures, charts, and diagrams in the text.


Here you are asked to apply what you learned from the chapter and to make connections between concepts you have mastered.

  • Critical Thinking Activities help you solidify your knowledge of core topics from the chapter and build your critical-thinking skills. Watch interviews with the leading researchers in brain science and cognition, and download them to your portable media player with the Studying the Mind Video Podcasts.
  • Online Video Exercises for each chapter introduce you to the latest psychological research.
  • Animations clarify and explain difficult concepts from the chapter.
  • ZAPS Psychology Labs help you understand the significance of psychological research within an experimental context.
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