Hiro was arrested for loitering and creating a public nuisance. The following report describes his behavior at the time of his arrest.

On 3 October at approximately 8:45 pm, we were called to O'Brian's drugstore to investigate a disturbance. Upon our arrival, we observed Hiro, an Asian man of approximately 50 years, approaching customers in a way that was persistent and bizarre, though not threatening. When we questioned Hiro, he identified himself as John Kennedy, president of the United States. When we pointed out the President Kennedy was dead, he insisted that "Well, I am not dead. I have come to life. Like a lantern in a bottle, I am protected from all things."

Hiro refused to answer additional questions, insisting that the police were cooperating with foreign agents in an attempt to discredit him. Breathalyzer and drug tests have revealed no evidence of substance abuse.

Our investigation indicated that Hiro had worked as an account manager for a sporting goods store for twenty years. His co-workers say that he had been a reliable worker, but that he had always seemed a bit odd. He would sometimes "fade away" into his own world, and sometimes would seem to be arguing with voices that he could hear in his head. Starting several years ago, his attendance became very erratic, and eventually the company fired him. His co-workers lost touch with him at that point, but one reports that she was appalled when, a year later, she saw him living on the street. She was too embarrassed to speak with him.

Diagnosis: Hiro

What is your diagnosis for Hiro? It seem likely that he is suffering from the disorder called schizophrenia. Does this agree with your assessment?

Once again, and in light of your diagnosis, what would your plan be for treatment? As before, it may be helpful in thinking this through to review both Chapter 16 and Chapter 17. Is there an obvious choice for how you would proceed with Hiro?

And, again, can you confirm your plan by consulting information sources on the Internet? Here you might visit the link below, or seek other alternatives by using search phrases such as "schizophrenia" or "schizophrenia + treatment".

The schizophrenia home page. This site provides a wide range of information about schizophrenia including definitions, advice for victims, advice for family members, resources, and chat rooms.

As before, though, ask yourself — for this and every web site — whether there is reason to think the information on the site is credible and authoritative.

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