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Explore Perspectives on Foreign Policy

Inform Yourself

How do Americans see the world? The Pew Research Center and Carnegie Foundation have an interactive graphic on U.S. foreign policy attitudes at Use the site to explore U.S. public opinion on different countries and foreign policy issues. Click on Iran, for example. What percentage of Americans have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of that country over time? How do these opinions vary between men and women, Democrats and Republicans, or by age group?
2. How do people around the world see the United States and other nations? The Pew Research Center Global Attitudes Project ( shows public opinion data from countries around the world. Click on the “Questions by Topic” tab at the top menu, and then “Rating Countries and Organizations.” Click on China. How does public opinion about China vary around the world? Compare what you find about China to global opinions about the United States. How have these opinions changed since 2000?
3. Watch a video on U.S. foreign policy toward Iran. A current question in foreign policy concerns tensions between the United States and Iran over Iran’s nuclear program. This issue raises the question of what Americans actually know about Iran. In this video, former diplomat Professor Nicholas Burns provides a short overview of why U.S. relations with Iran have become so difficult. What are the key points in his argument?

Connect with Others

4. Share news stories from the international media. Considering an outside perspective can help you develop a deeper understanding of foreign policy. The Guardian is a well-respected British newspaper. What are the top stories on its U.S. foreign policy page and how are they different from what you’ve heard about in U.S. media? A reputable foreign website that covers U.S. foreign policy is Al Jazeera. Which of its top stories involve U.S. foreign policy? Consider sharing an international news story with others using social media.

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