Video Exercises


Watch the videos below and answer the questions that follow.

Health care and medical insurance coverage have been key social issues for Americans for a long time, and they were among the legislative priorities for the president and Congress after the 2008 elections. How much do you know about the Affordable Care Act of 2010? The following videos present some of the initial responses to the passage of the health insurance bill.

“Historic Health Care Bill Signed”
CBS News
Originally aired on March 23, 2010 Understanding the Affordable Care Act
Department of Health and Human Services
June 30, 2010 Young Adults and the Affordable Care Act
July 28, 2010

What provisions of the new health insurance policy were highlighted in these videos?
1b. The second and third videos were distributed by the Department of Health and Human Services. Why do you think this agency produced these videos?
1c. What aspects of the political process of debating this legislation were highlighted in these videos?
1d. What do you think about the new health care legislation? Explain.

After the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act was announced in 2012, many people were surprised at the outcome. The Supreme Court declared the provision requiring individuals to purchase health insurance or pay a tax constitutional, while also declaring the provision that would have required states to expand Medicaid unconstitutional. The following videos show the responses of President Barack Obama and 2012 Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

“President Obama’s Full Response to Health Care Ruling”
Originally aired on PBS, June 28, 2012

“Full Romney Response to Health Care Ruling”
Originally aired on PBS, June 28, 2012

2a. What criticisms of the Affordable Care Act does Romney provide? What are a few of the provisions of the bill that Obama highlights?
2b. What does Romney promise to do if elected? What does Obama say he will do if re-elected?

The No Child Left Behind Act has greatly increased the role of the federal government in education. The next video, from ABC News, discusses the provisions of the act and the important political actors behind it.

“No Child Left Behind”
ABC News
Originally aired on ABC, January 8, 2002<

3. What changes did No Child Left Behind bring to education policy in the United States? Which politicians are seen supporting the bill? Why is their collaboration considered newsworthy?

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