Who Are Americans? Interactive Exercises

Who Are America’s Presidents?

American presidents have all been men and have all been Christians. Until the election of Barack Obama in 2008, they had all been white. As the data show, a majority of presidents have come from the southeastern United States, with Virginia producing the most American presidents, especially in the nation’s first decades.

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1. Looking at this list of presidents, what party had nine consecutive presidents in office?
2. Since the end of WWII when Harry Truman was president, has either party consistently held the office of the president?
3. Who is the only Catholic to have been president of the US? Do you think it would be considered as historic today if a Catholic were to be elected president? Why or why not?


4. Which state has produced the most presidents?
5. How many presidents have been from the West? Why do you think there are fewer presidents from western states?
6. Of the states that haven’t produced any US presidents, which one(s) would you like to see future presidents come from? Why?
7. In your opinion, does it matter if presidents come from different regions of the US? Why or why not?

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