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Connect with the Presidency

Inform Yourself

1. Who are America’s presidents? To learn about American presidents past and present, visit the University of Virginia’s Miller Center (, which provides a one-stop reference for American presidents. See photos of each president, learn how long he served, his religion, home state, and much more. You can also visit the White House website, which counts down the presidencies from the first to the most recent. What kinds of trends do you notice?
Understand the president’s role as head of the executive branch. Freedom Project has created a 10-minute video that focuses on the powers and limitations of the executive branch. The White House also has a section on how the modern executive branch is organized. Visit to understand the power of the modern executive branch.
Evaluate America’s presidents. Presidents in the United States are ranked by a multitude of factors. However, there is always disagreement about what should be considered in the rankings. After considering the many different types of rankings, consider the conservative blog’s argument. What do you think should be considered when ranking the “best” and “worst” presidents? Whom would you list as the five best and five worst presidents?

Express Yourself

4. Respond to the White House blog. The White House website has a constantly updated blog on key issues and events involving the executive branch. Go to and see the current events of the day. After reading a blog post, consider making a comment online. What are some of the top stories?
Send an e-mail to the president. Use the Whitehouse website to send a letter to the President (and his staffers) about what you would like to see changed in how the executive branch operates. This form will allow you send “questions, comments, concerns, or well-wishes to the President or his staff”. What are the main points you would like the President to consider?

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