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Know Your Members of Congress

Inform Yourself

Know your members of Congress. Find out who represents your college or hometown in the House of Representatives and the Senate by using the “Find your senators/representative” tool at and For what town did you search for your senators and representative? Who are they?
2. Check your representatives’ records. After you’ve identified your senators and representative, go to and complete the Legislator Profiles report. Who gives them money and how long have they been in office? What was the last bill they sponsored and does it benefit you or a friend or family member? How well do their policy positions align with your own?

Express Yourself

3. Let your members of Congress know how you feel about issues that are important to you by sending them an e-mail. Members’ e-mail addresses are given on their Web pages. Your message may be especially effective if Congress is expected to consider and vote on the issue in the near future. To which representative will you write? On what issue? Do you feel they will agree with you or not? Why?

Connect with Others

Connect with Congress and other constituents. Most members of Congress have Facebook pages (often linked through their websites) where you can learn about campaign events and policies and connect with other constituents the House district or state. What has your member of Congress posted in the past month? Which posts were the most popular in terms of “likes” or shares? Does visiting the Facebook page of your member of Congress change your evaluation of your representative?
Consider how congressional districting affects who represents you and other Americans. Play the “Redistricting Game” at (all five steps, including creating a partisan gerrymander and ending with a nonpartisan redistricting). After drawing the districts yourself, do you think legislative districts should be drawn using the partisan composition of the district or other criteria? Why are legislative districts so important to members of Congress?

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