Get Involved: Go Online


Become a Voter

Inform Yourself

1. Find out when the next election is, and what is on the ballot. Go to (a website from the League of Women Voters), and locate “On Your Ballot.” Select your state from the drop-down menu. Either click on the link to all of you state’s elections or use the form for “Personalized Ballot” to get information about what is on the ballot in the next election. Where do you vote? (Enter your street address in the “Polling Place Finder”—on the main page—to receive your voting location.) What is on the ballot in the next election if your area?

Express Yourself

Register to vote. Voting is one of the most important forms of expression in politics. In most states, you must be registered in order to vote. One way to do so is by visiting and selecting “Register to Vote.” Your state’s page on the site also includes information on what type of ID is necessary to vote. Are you registered to vote? Why or why not?
3. Ask about voting. If you have questions about how to register to vote or wish to request an absentee ballot, call or e-mail the your state’s secretary of state or board of elections. Contact information is provided on the state pages at Most states allow voting via an absentee ballot, which is mailed to your home. Will you be voting in the next election? Why or why not?

Connect with Others

4. Get involved in the next election. If there is an election coming up, your local newspaper’s website will likely have a guide to the candidates and issues. Many candidates have Facebook pages or personal websites where you can learn about upcoming campaign events and how to get involved (donating money? displaying a sign? attending a meeting?). Do feel that Facebook and/or personal websites are an effective way for candidates to campaign? Why or why not?
5. Know your current representatives. Even if there’s not an election coming up soon, it’s a safe bet that some of your current representatives in government will be running for reelection in the next election. Will you support them? Find out who represents you by entering your zip code at the Project Vote Smart website. Choose two of your representatives, and visit their personal websites or Facebook pages. What types of messages they are posting? Do you agree with the policies they support? Why or why not?

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