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First Lens
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Regional Instability


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Introduction: What Are Lenses of Analysis?

Framework: Understanding Lenses


Looking through the First Lens: Individuals as International Actors


–   Human Nature


–   Leaders


Looking through the Second Lens: Effects of the Internal on the International


–   Type of Government


–   Economic Structure and Activity


–   Population Considerations


–   Resource Base


–   Domestic Stability


Looking through the Third Lens: The Shaping Effects of International Structures


–   Anarchy


–   The Balancing of Power


–   International Law and Institutions

Case Studies:

The Kosovo Crisis and the Ultimatum at Rambouillet


Historical Background


–   The Collapse of Yugoslavia


–   Serbia in the 1990s


–   The Problem of Kosovo


–   Prelude and Ultimatum at Rambouillet


First Lens: Milosevic and Albright as Causal Variables


–  Snapshot: Milosevic and Albright Profiles


–  Analysis Albright: Student of History or Coercive Diplomat?


–  Analysis Milosevic: Opportunist or Vulnerable Leader?


Second Lens: Serb Domestic Instability as a Causal Variable


–  Snapshots: Serbian Government, Economy, Population and Stability


–  Analysis: Nationalism as a Double-edged Sword?


–  Analysis: Ultimatum as Opportunity?


Third Lens: International Organizations as a Causal Variable


–  Analysis: International Law and the Serb Decision


–  Analysis: Institutional Restraints on the Use of Force


–  Analysis: Balancing Against U.S. Hegemony: the U.N. and Russia

The Persian Gulf Crisis—A New World Order?


Historical Background


–   Iraq's Grievance


–   Beyond an Arab-to-Arab Dispute


–   Iraq versus the World


–  From Shield to Storm


–  Why War?


First Lens: Bush and Hussein as Causal Variables


–  Introduction


–  George H.W. Bush: A Profile


–  George H.W. Bush: Chief Diplomat


–  George H.W. Bush: Moral Realist?


–  George H.W. Bush: Summary


–  Saddam Hussein: A Profile


–  Saddam Hussein: Fear of Death and the Economic Threat


–  Saddam Hussein: Arab Leader and the Political Opportunity


–  Saddam Hussein: Summary


Second Lens: Domestic Instability as Causal Variable


–  Introduction


–  A Snapshot: Government


–  A Snapshot: Economics and Natural Resources


–  A Snapshot: Population and Public Support


–  Avoiding Iraqi Collapse: A Mutual Interest


Third Lens: Limitations of War as Causal Variables


–  Introduction


–  Analysis: Anarchy and Self-Help


–  Analysis: Limited War for Limited Objectives


–  Analysis: The Great Collective Security Experiment


–  Summary

The Peloponnesian War: Battle of the Titans


Historical Background


–   Introduction


–   The Persian Threat


–   The Titans


–  The Peace Structure?


–   The Prelude to War


–   Battle of the Titans


Looking through the First Lens: Pericles as Causal Variable


–  Snapshot: Pericles Profile


–  Analysis: Pericles: Moderation and War


Looking through the Second Lens: Domestic Instability as Causal Variable


–  Snapshots: Government, Resources and Economies, Social Systems


–  Analysis: The Domestic Divide


Looking through the Third Lens: Bipolarity as Causal Variable


–  Analysis: Bipolarity and the Security Dilemma


–  Analysis: Balancing Act


–  Analysis: Arbitration in Anarchy

Question Strings: Reinforcing Analytical Distinctions


International Security Question String


–  Missile Defense and the ABM Treaty


–  War on Terrorism


International Economics Question String—The Free Trade Area of America


Environmental Issue Question String—The Kyoto Protocol on Greenhouse Emissions


Regional Instability Question String—Macedonia


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