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Updates Summer 2007

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Globalization continues to develop, as does the debate over it. For one perspective see the reports from the January 2007 Davos conference of the World Economic Forum,

International Trade

The U.S. trade deficit grew even larger in 2006. The 2005 deficit (AFP, Table 10.1, p. 470) increased another 6% to -$763, 558, 000, 000

Global Environment (pp. 491-495)

The debate on the global has been “heating up”, so to speak.  In October 2006 the British government issued a major report, The Economics of Climate Change, by Sir Nicholas Stern, a top official and former chief economist and senior vice president of the World Bank. The Stern Report raised concerns about the economic costs of global warming and other aspects of climate change. You can link to the Stern Report at
stern_review_economics_ climate_change/sternreview_index.cfm

While the Stern Report has  received extensive support, it also has its critics. See, for example, a paper by Professor William Nordhaus of Yale Univesrity:

As to the scientific evidence, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is issuing a new report in April 2007: This updates the one cited in American Foreign Policy, p. 494. 

Another sign of the new prominence of this debate emerged when this year’s Academy Award for Best Documentary was given to Al Gore´s An Inconvenient Truth (AFP, pp. 597-599, for excerpts from the book that accompanied the movie.)