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Part I: The Context of U.S. Foreign Policy: Theory and History

Chapter 1: The Strategic Context: Foreign Policy Strategy and the Essence of Choice

Chapter 2: The Domestic Context: Foreign Policy Politics and the Process of Choice

Chapter 3: The Historical Context: Great Debates in American Foreign Policy, 1789-1945

Chapter 4: The Cold War Context: Origins and First Stages

  • Chapter 5: The Cold War Context: Lessons and Legacies


    Part II: American Foreign Policy in the Twenty-First Century: Choices and Challenges

    Chapter 6: Foreign Policy Strategy and Foreign Policy Politics in a New Era

    Chapter 7: Post-Cold War Geopolitics

    Chapter 8: 9/11, Iraq, and the Middle East

    Chapter 9: Never Again or Yet Again? Genocide and Humanitarian Intervention

    Chapter 10: Globalization Agenda

    Chapter 11: The Coming of a Democratic Century?