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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Historical Context: Great Debates in American Foreign Policy, 1789-1945

Study Questions

Has American foreign policy been true to its democratic Principles? Use historical examples to demonstrate when Principles were paramount and when they took a backseat to foreign policy goals more centered on Power and Prosperity.
What were the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary? What impact did these have on foreign policy? How do these two documents illustrate the importance of the 4 P’s?
Use the debates over wars in the nineteenth century as examples of the tension between Congress and the president over their respective war-making powers.
Give examples of civil liberties being undermined for national security during wartime. Do you think these policies were justified then? Do you think similar policies could ever be justified?
The debate over free trade versus protectionism has influenced American foreign policy since the early nineteenth century, but the dividing lines of the debate have changed. Give an example of when regional differences played an important role and an example of when partisa differences played an important role.

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