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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Historical Context: Great Debates in American Foreign Policy, 1789-1945

Chapter Outline

Introduction: "The Past Is Prologue"

Brief Historical Chronology

  • The Revolutionary War and the Consolidation of Independence, 1776-1800
  • Expansion and Preservation, 1801-65
  • Global Emergence, 1865-1919
  • Isolationist Retreat, 1919-41
  • World War II, 1941-45

Great Debates over Foreign Policy Strategy

  • Isolationism vs. Internationalism
  • Power, Peace: How Big a Military, How Much for Defense?
  • Principles: True to American Democratic Ideals?
  • Prosperity: U.S. Imperialism?
  • Key Case: U.S. Relations with Latin America-Good Neighbor or Regional Hegemon?
  • Key Case: The United States as a Pacific Power

Great Debates in Foreign Policy Politics

  • Going to War
  • National Security vs. the Bill of Rights
  • Free Trade vs. Protectionism


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