by Michael K. Green
An interactive tutorial program to accompany The Art of Reasoning, 3e by David E. Kelley

Site Overview
LogicTutor is a web-based tutorial program which provides more than 1,100 exercises and summaries on every major concept in The Art of Reasoning. Each chapter in the site is organized into three modules:
This portion of the site reviews the concepts, definitions, rules, procedures, and heuristics that are highlighted in The Art of Reasoning's summary and strategy boxzes. Brief quizzes with instant feedback allow you to quickly check your reading comprehension.

Hundreds of interactive problems facilitate the application of analytical techniques discussed in the text. Here you can attempt as many answers as you wish without being penalized.

This module simulates an examination environment in which you may attempt to answer a problem only once. Our "mark and mail" feature allows you to score your performance and email the results directly to your instructor.

Chapters and Topics
Enter LogicTutor by choosing a chapter from the list below. You can change chapters at any time by clicking on the "Change Chapter" link in each chapter's table of contents.

2. Classification 8. Categorical Propositions 14. Predicate Logic
3. Definition 9. Categorical Syllogisms 15. Inductive Generalization
4. Propositions 10. Disjunctive and Hypothetical Syllogisms 16. Argument by Analogy
5. Basic Argument Analysis 12. Propositional Logic-Symbolic Notation 17. Statistical Reasoning
6. Fallacies 13. Propositional Logic Arguments 18. Explanation

Technical Note
Because it makes extensive use of JavaScript, LogicTutor is optimized for use with Netscape 4.0 and higher. Please update your browser if you do not already have the latest version of Netscape, and/or make sure Java and JavaScript are enabled in your browser's preferences.

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