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1 You can't take Amy too seriously when she defends the system of academic tenure. This is a woman so terrified of risk that she wears a life-preserver in the bathtub.
2 Last week Harry was bragging about how healthy he is, and then yesterday he broke his arm. That's what you get for tempting fate.
3 Jim says his copper bracelet is what keeps him healthy. Maybe it does; I can't prove it doesn't.
4 It's time to think about bringing back the military draft. After all, what's wrong with patriotism? This is a great country, and young people should learn to love and support it.
5 In addition to the United States, many Western countries are reducing their tax rates, justifying the claim of supply-side economists that low tax rates are the key to prosperity.
6 Romantic poetry can be hazardous to your health. The three great English romantic poets---Shelley, Keats, and Byron--all died before the age of forty.
7 Since one out of every three proposals is funded by the National Science Foundation, you can be sure to get a grant if you submit three or more proposals.
8 America needs a space program. After our flights to the moon ended in the 1970s, the country slipped into recession and economic malaise.
9 And as for your political views, I'll just observe that people who remain at this company tend to be Republicans.
10 Don't pay much attention to Russell's position. He comes up with a new one every year.
11 Today's Democrats are wrong to preach a foreign policy of neo- isolationism. It means turning their backs on the internationalism of Harry Truman.
12 If you want to persist in being an idealist, fine. It only shows that you're too immature to be taken seriously.
13 This criticism of "extreme feminism" comes, as you might have guessed, from a man. What more need I say?
14 Why did you mark up the library book? What's wrong with that? It doesn't belong to you, and all the stuff you scribbled in it makes it harder for someone else to read. Well, I don't feel guilty about it, so I still don't see that it's wrong.
15 Until the heart stops beating, a person is not dead. The reason is that, by itself, the mere absence of brain activity is not enough to determine death, since the heart can continue to beat even after brain activity ceases.
16 I'm opposed to arms control because the Soviet Union still won't let its people emigrate, or read what they choose, or vote for noncommunist candidates. There's no denying that the Soviet Union is still a totalitarian country.
17 The Federal budget deficit has had the effect of preventing Democrats from introducing any major new spending programs. Obviously, therefore, the deficit was a deliberate stratagem by the Reagan administration to control spending.
18 Marge must be a real shrew. Most of the guys she's dated never asked her out a second time.
19 There must be some truth to the theory of extrasensory perception. The Pentagon has invested several million dollars in research on it.
20 Naturally Professor Glib denies that Gorbachev's reforms will bring significant change to the Soviet Union. He has devoted his life to saying that such a thing couldn't happen.
21 The answer to question (3) was "False." I know that because I copied it from the guy next to me.
22 Atheism may seem convincing to you now, in the safety of your ivory tower. But there are no atheists in foxholes. When the bullets are flying and death is near, you'll find the arguments for the existence of a Supreme Being are very convincing.
23 The Strategic Defense Initiative can't possibly work. There's no way the computer programmers can prove there are no bugs in their programs.
24 The question is not whether socialism stifles individual liberty. The question is: how much liberty are we willing to sacrifice to equality?
25 Professor Scrooge complains that "Americans doesn't care about grammar like they used to." Who is he to talk?
26 `Why should I vote if I can't see any difference between the candidates?' `You should vote because it's your responsibility as an American to participate in the great process of democratic choice.'

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