Practice Exercise, Part 2 of 3
1 I know I'll do well in this tournament. No one wants this win as badly as I do.
2 No one could possibly believe Dr. G's thesis that American foreign policy blunders had something to do with the Iranian Revolution. He's always been considerate of Islamic views, and besides he's trying to get a visa to go to Iran for research, so naturally he'd want to ingratiate himself with the Iranian authorities by speaking ill of American policy.
3 Scientists have not been able to show that there is no planet beyond Pluto. This means that it's likely that there is a planet beyond Pluto.
4 You play for the Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra? That's the best orchestra in the world, so you must be the best violinist in the world.
5 The XYZ Corporation promotes ethical behavior, is concerned about the environment, and contributes to a number of charities. So your friend who works for XYZ must be ethical, concerned about the environment, and a contributor to a number of charities.
6 Bears do not stay in this region in the winter. No one I know has ever seen a bear here in the winter.
7 There's got to be something wrong with a guy who keeps an anteater as a pet. I've never heard of anyone doing that before now.
8 Littering is selfish and dirty, so people ought to be fined for it.
9 Saturday morning TV shows for children glorify violence, injecting the poison of destructive impulses into minds too tender and unformed to resist. These diabolical programs should be abolished.
10 The theory that light waves travel in a medium need not be considered; it is no longer accepted by most physicists.
11 If you don't acknowledge that you killed her, the D.A. will ask the judge to show no leniency in sentencing you.
12 I think convicted murderers should get the death sentence. Murder is a terrible crime.
13 Never point a loaded gun at anyone. That's what my father told me.
14 How can you accept Heidegger's approach to philosophy? Don't you know he once worked for the Nazis?
15 Of course he's going to say the economy is looking good, and back it up with statistics to boot. He's part of the administration.
16 The tide is turning against socialism--in the U.S., in England, France, and elsewhere--vindicating my belief that the whole idea is impractical.
17 One after another, the nations of Europe are weakening in their commitment to NATO--a proof that communist propaganda is subverting popular opinion in those countries.
18 A: The Social Security system is not actuarially sound, and the only long-term solution is to privatize it. B: Do you really want to leave elderly people without any means of support?
19 Alger Hiss couldn't have been a spy for the Russians. I just can't imagine him betraying his country.
20 Surrogate mother contracts ought to be illegal, because the law should not allow women to rent their wombs.
21 Since the Sandinista government is a communist dictatorship, America should support the contras.
22 Senator Smiley says we should ban negative political advertising because it is destructive, but have you seen his ads? They are dripping with acid.
23 You say you're opposed to the system of licensing doctors. I suppose you want to see quacks running around selling apricot juice as a cure for cancer.
24 Have you learned enough about art now to realize that Jackson Pollock was a great painter?
25 You know, people who believe in civil rights have a way of disappearing around here.
26 If Calvin Klein jeans are good enough for Brooke Shields, they're good enough for me.

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