Practice Exercise, Part 1 of 3
1 You may laugh about channeling, but you can't prove it doesn't work.
2 Jack is rich and he owns a Cadillac. Therefore, all Cadallic owners are rich.
3 You're either for us or against us. If you don't sign this petition, we'll know where you stand.
4 Ralph is up to no good--everyone says so.
5 We should destroy all our stockpiles of chemical weapons. These gruesome toxins, which can maim, blind, and kill indiscriminately, are one of the horrors of the twentieth century, a product of scientific madness and political indifference to life.
6 If you want proof that war stimulates economic growth, just look at how well Western countries have done since World War II.
7 I just can't believe that Peter is dishonest. It would be too upsetting if he were.
8 The real objection to these free market theories is that they are espoused by people who once worked for the dictatorship in Chile.
9 He can't be a poet. He doesn't look like a poet.
10 Naturally you're against no-fault auto insurance, Kathleen. You're a lawyer, and it's going to cut into your income.
11 Buses use more gas that cars, so how can using buses instead of cars save energy?
12 Marry a doctor and be happy. That's what your sister did, and look how happy she is.
13 Jimmy Swaggart preaches the virtues of marital fidelity. He's got a lot of nerve, considering the scandals in which he's been invovled.
14 Women can't be effective soldiers. That's my philosophy, no matter what you say.
15 After the new power line went in, one of Farmer Brown's cows died of leukemia. Microwave radiation from the lines must have been the cause.
16 Jogging is an obnoxious habit--there ought to be a law against it.
17 Looking for a new computer? Stevie Wonder uses Apple. Shouldn't you?
18 I don't believe nutrition is all that important. Yogurt and granola won't solve all your problems.
19 America criticizes other nations for their protectionist policies, but America itself is highly protectionist.
20 Surely you don't really think that sex before marriage is wrong? No one believes that anymore.
21 The logic professor says that economics is bunk, and I believe him. After all, he's an expert so he should know.
22 Almost all peoples the world over believe in the existence of some kind of deity. Therefore, God must exist.
23 Either you're for us or you're against us, and since it's obvious you're not for us, you must be against us.
24 The Newtonian physics is true. This is so, because it is the only theory that requires us to believe that the universe is what it really is, namely, a mass of small bits of impenetrable, indivisible solid particles in motion.
25 The Western Roman Empire went in to decline long before Justinian's codification of Roman law. Obviously, Justinian made sure that Roman law was codified, because the Empire was disintegrating.

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