Chapter 6: FALLACIES
- Self-Quiz -

Type in your answer in the question's text box. Enter only the letter corresponding to your answer; for example, enter "a" to correspond to "Subjectivism". When you finish the quiz, mark it by clicking on the checkbox at the bottom. If you choose, you may email the results of your quiz to your instructor. Enter the information requested, and click on the mail quiz button.

In this exercise, you will be given short arguments to read. Your task is to identify the fallacy committed. Select your answer from the following list:

a. Subjectivism
b. Appeal to majority
c. Appeal to emotion
d. Appeal to force
e. Appeal to authority
f. Post hoc
g. False alternative
h. Appeal to ignorance
i. Composition
j. Hasty generalization
k. Ad hominem
l. Tu quoque
m. Poisoning the well
n. Begging the question
o. Complex question
p. Non sequitur
q. Diversion
r. Straw man
s. Division