1 Smoking is a stupid thing to do. That's what the Surgeon General says.
2 All people have a right to political freedom, for liberty is the universal right of mankind.
3 You can't turn back the clock. Rock music is here to stay, so we should accept it as a valid musical form.
4 I've known one salesman and he was a terrible person. Thus, all salespeople are terrible people.
5 If you want a reason why you should contribute to my campaign, how's this? I am chairman of the House committee that decides whether your company gets a government contract.
6 I'm not impressed by Mr. Wilson's defense of Miss Hawkins' stand. They are, as the unwary may not know, husband and wife.
7 The first chapter is 50 pages long? This must be a long book.
8 Person A: I've really cut down on the calories in my diet.
Person B: What about all the doughnuts you eat?
Person A: Oh, they don't have many calories.
Person B: How can you say that?
Person A: Well, I wouldn't be eating them if they did.
9 A group is only a bad as its worst member.
10 It can't be proven that there are any psychological differences between the sexes. Therefore men and women are equal psychologically.
11 Your dorm is that huge? You must have a large room!
12 Don't give up on your work in chemistry--it would break my heart if you did.
13 Mr. Perplex is the last person in the world who should be arguing for the importance of original scholarship, since he hasn't done any in years.
14 We don't want Guatemala run by left-wing dictators opposed to the U.S., so we have to support the right-wing dictators.
15 My life with my first husband was terrible. Thus, all married persons must be miserable.
16 As for your claim that students should study the great works of Western culture, how many students do you think are going to spend their entire college careers learning Greek, Latin, French, German, and Italian so they can read these works in the original?
17 We ought to take the claims of astrology more seriously. After all, do we really want to deny that stars and planets can affect the earth? Planets exert gravitational attraction on us, and we are bombarded by radiation that comes from the stars.
18 Our department's budget has been cut by 20%. Therefore, each of you have to take a 20% pay cut.

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