Chapter 12:
- Practice -

Type in your answer in the question's text box. Do not put any spaces before or after symbols or operators in your answers. When you finish the quiz, mark it by clicking on the button at the bottom. Your results will then be displayed.

No. of Questions = 30

Each item in this exercise is a sentence for you to put into the notation of propositional logic. To represent the components, use the letters that appear in parentheses after each sentence.

To indicate negation, use a tilde (~).
To indicate "or," use a lower-case "v" (v).
To indicate "if-then," use a greater-than symbol (>).
To indicate "and," use an asterisk (*).
To indicate "if and only if," use an equals sign (=).

There are three levels of difficulty: (a) questions 1-15, (b) questions 16-26, and (c) questions 27-31. In (a), the sentences involve only one connective, and you will not need parentheses. In (b) and (c), the sentences are more complex.

1 Doing laundry is not fun. (L)
2 I will drive her to her house or she will take a taxi. (D, T)
3 If we get tickets, then we will see the Nutcracker Suite. (T, S)
4 I got the check and deposited it. (G, D)
5 It is not cheap to dine out every night. (C)
6 If the paper arrives in time, then I will read it with breakfast. (A, R)
7 The Greeks won the battle but lost the war. (B, W)
8 You can rent the movie or read the book. (M, B)
9 The cat is not in the bag. (C)
10 If the shoe fits, then one has to wear it. (F, W)
11 The times are easy and the living is good. (T, L)
12 Either it rained or the Wilsons' barbecue went as planned. (R, B)
13 The hijackers were not from Cuba. (H)
14 Dan went swimming even though the water was freezing. (S, W)
15 If I go home for dinner, I'll miss the game. (D, G)
16 If the Wades cannot find someone to stay with for free, then they will look for a cheap hotel room. (F, L)
17 Though Marcia enjoyed the dinner, she did not want to see Eric again. (E, S)
18 If Spring does not come soon, they will be playing baseball in the snow. (S, B)
19 Now I lay me down to sleep, and pray the Lord my soul to keep. (L,P)
20 I did not pass the test, but I did learn something. (P, L)
21 If someone says, "It is not the money," then it definitely is the money. (S, D)
22 We'll settle out of court if and only if they agree to our terms. (S, A)
23 I will be disappointed unless I win. (D, W)

Hint: There are two ways to correctly symbolize this proposition, both of which will be accepted by LogicTutor's scoring mechanism.

24 I will be disappointed unless I win. (D, W)

Note: For this problem, you should use a different symbolization than you used for problem 24.

25 I will be disappointed unless I win. (D, W)
26 Either the boots fit and you buy them, or you save your money. (F, B, S)
27 If the construction workers do not finish soon, I will not get my work done. (F, G)
28 It's not true that if I'm your friend, I'll let you copy my exam. (F, C)
29 The wind blew and the rain fell, but they still played and it was a great game. (B, F, P, G)
30 The bill will pass only if the liberals are happy with it, and the conservatives either accept the higher spending levels or add a workfare provision. (P, L, H, W)

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