Naxos Music Library Digital Anthologies
Middle Ages Digital Anthology

The following musical works, organized by era and alphabetized by composer, have been selected to accompany The Enjoyment of Music, shorter and chronological editions and to provide additional listening reserves for A History of Western Music. 

Upon entering the music library, access each Digital Anthology from the Playlist link.

ALFONSO X (EL SABIO): Cantigas de Santa Maria - Quen serve Santa Maria (CSM 213)
ANONYMOUS: Haec dies. Confitemini (responsorium - graduale) - Haec dies. Confitemini (responsorium - graduale)
ANONYMOUS: Quinte Estampie real
ANONYMOUS: Saltarello No. 1
ANONYMOUS: Saltarello No. 3 [Enjoyment of Music - Alternate]
HILDEGARD: Alleluia - O virga mediatrix [Enjoyment of Music]
HILDEGARD: Kyrie [Enjoyment of Music - Alternate]
LANDINI: Non avra ma'pieta questa mia donna
MACHAUT: La Messe de Nostre Dame - Gloria
MACHAUT: Puis qu'en oubli [Enjoyment of Music]
RICHARD I, Coeur de Lion: Ja nuls homs pris [Enjoyment of Music - Alternate]
VAQUEIRAS: Kalenda Maya

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