Details and Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if my school already subscribes to the Naxos Music Library?
    Very good! But, keep in mind that music libraries often license a limited number of streams (5-10) and the service may only be accessible from a specific campus location. Norton's gateway to the Library can be accessed from any Web location, and since thousands of streams are simultaneously available, it is quite unlikely that your students will crash the server the night before the exam.
  • Can I download the music?
    This is a streaming service; you can listen online to near CD quality streams of music, but you cannot "save" the music to your machines; CDs are great for that.
  • With so much available music, how will I find the recordings keyed to The Enjoyment of Music and A History of Western Music?
    Upon entering the Library, simply click on "Playlist" and access on eof several Digital Anthologies, arranged by era and synched to a "core" repertoire.
  • What's the best connection to hear the music?
    We recommend a university connection or other broadband option, like cable modem or DSL.
  • Will this run on a Macintosh computer?
    The Naxos Music Library is Mac and PC compatible. It does require the use of the Windows Media Player to acess the streamed recordings, and this player can be downloaded to any Macintosh computer free of charge. The player is resident on Windows machines.
  • How long are the passwords active?
    Each password will provide access to Norton's Online Listening Lab and the Naxos Music Library for 6 months from the date of activation.

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