Once you have registered for Premium Access to the Online Listening Lab, you listen to Norton Digital Anthologies by clicking the link to the Naxos Music Library. This link will open a new browser window and take you immediately to the Library's homepage. View more details about the Naxos Music Library.

Click Playlist on the menu bar and note the selections that are keyed to The Enjoyment of Music and A History of Western Music.
[see sample playlist]

You can also Search the catalog by Composer, Performance, and other options.

View a list of works:

- Middle Ages Digital Anthology
- Renaissance Digital Anthology
- Baroque Digital Anthology
- Classical Digital Anthology
- Romantic Digital Anthology
- Contemporary Digital Anthology

Further your study of music history by clicking the Listening Resources and Music Quizzes: Music Identification and Style Identification.

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Naxos Music Library Requirements:
Windows Media Player
Broadband connection is highly recommended for near CD quality.