Welcome to A History of Western Music - 7th Edition

Gustav Klimt. Die Musik (detail). 1895. Neue Pinakothek, Munich.
Photo: © Joachin Blauel/ARTOTHEK

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Chapter Outlines

Part I: The Ancient and Medieval Worlds

Chapter 1: Music in Antiquity
Chapter 2: The Christian Church in the First Millennium
Chapter 3: Roman Liturgy and Chant
Chapter 4: Song and Dance Music in the Middle Ages
Chapter 5: Polyphony through the Thirteenth Century
Chapter 6: French and Italian Music in the Fourteenth Century

Part II: The Renaissance

Chapter 7: The Age of the Renaissance
Chapter 8: England and Burgundy in the Fifteenth Century
Chapter 9: Franco-Flemish Composers, 1450-1520
Chapter 10: Sacred Music in the Era of the Reformation
Chapter 11: Madrigal and Secular Song in the Sixteenth Century
Chapter 12: The Rise of Instrumental Music

Part III: The Seventeenth Century

Chapter 13: New Styles in the Seventeenth Century
Chapter 14: The Invention of Opera
Chapter 15: Music for Chamber and Church in the Early Seventeenth Century
Chapter 16: France, England, Spain, and the New World in the Seventeenth Century
Chapter 17: Italy and Germany in the Late Seventeenth Century

Part IV: The Eighteenth Century

Chapter 18: The Early Eighteenth Century in Italy and France
Chapter 19: German Composers of the Late Baroque
Chapter 20: Opera and Vocal Music in the Early Classic Period
Chapter 21: Instrumental Music: Sonata, Symphony, and Concerto at Midcentury
Chapter 22: Classic Music in the Late Eighteenth Century

Part V: The Nineteenth Century

Chapter 23: Revolution and Change
Chapter 24: The Romantic Generation: Song and Piano Music
Chapter 25: Romanticism in Classic Forms: Orchestral, Chamber, and Choral Music
Chapter 26: Romantic Opera and Musical Theater to Midcentury
Chapter 27: Opera and Musical Theater in the Later Nineteenth Century
Chapter 28: Late Romanticism in Germany and Austria
Chapter 29: Diverging Traditions in the Later Nineteenth Century

Part VI: The Twentieth Century and After

Chapter 30: The Early Twentieth Century
Chapter 31: Modernism and the Classical Tradition
Chapter 32: Between the World Wars: Jazz and Popular Music
Chapter 33: Between the World Wars: The Classical Tradition
Chapter 34: Postwar Crosscurrents
Chapter 35: The End of the Millennium