Chapter 16

  1. This speech by the preacher is a classic sermon. Very eloquent, quite typical of the time period. It contains the following elements: Destructive powers of God, Praise of God, Praise of Muhammad, Exhortation to Obedience, Reference to Death and Pain, Reference to Hell, Allah's Mercy.
  2. This tribe ('Ad) and city (Idem) were both destroyed by God according to the Qu'ran.
  3. Shaykh is a main character, encountered throughout the book.
  4. It is forbidden to drink alcohol, yet the prayerleader who just offered the beautiful, eloquent sermon, is offering the narrator a drink.
  5. Death.
  6. Kisra=Khosrow, king of the Sasanid Dynasty, brought Persia to the heighth of its power. His kingdom gave way to later Islamic dynasties.
  7. Dara=Darius, a king of Persia. Extended Persian domination into India, Anatolia, Egypt, Mesopotamia, a mighty empire. The kingdom he built was eventually lost to the Greeks under Alexander.

Thanks to William Hamblin, Ph.D., at Brigham Young University for the excerpt, and the information contained in the notes.


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