Below are a number of items with which you should be familiar after reading Chapter 2. Enter your answer in the blank. Note: You must enter NUMERIC VALUES, then click your mouse anywhere outside of the input box to check your answer.
1. Which of the following figures accurately represent world population growth:
1. In 1860--4 billion/in 1995--15.3 billion
2. In 1860--7.6 million/in 1995--4.8 billion
3. In 1860--1 billion/in 1995--3.5 billion
4. In 1860--1 billion/in 1995--5.6 billion

2. Population is increasing much more quickly in industrialized nations because excellent medical care lowers the death rate.
1. True
2. False

3. Watson and Crick:
1. discovered an effective way to treat viral infection.
2. accurately analyzed deoxyribonucleic acid.
3. developed a more efficient rocket fuel.
4. none of the above.

4. Fleming, Jenner, and Salk are all known for their work in:
1. disease prevention and control.
2. ecology.
3. astrophysics.
4. genetics.

5. Gagarin, Glenn, and Armstrong are known for their involvement in:
1. space travel.
2. biological research.
3. chemical weapons research.
4. post-modernist literature.

6. U.S. leaders have expresses strong support for arms control which is clearly reflected in the huge decreases in military expenditures during the 80s.
1. True
2. False.

7. Jean Baudrillard and Jean François Lyodard are known for:
1. development of new programs which made personal computers more appealing to the home user.
2. participation in high-level government sting operations to capture computer hackers.
3. drug trafficking over the internet.
4. philosophical studies of the impact of the "information age".

8. According to the authors of the text, the study of history:
1. can tell us nothing about our future since the complex problems of modern society are unrepresented in past eras and records.
2. shows that history always repeats itself.
3. provides a clearer understanding of human nature.
4. all of the above.

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