Explain the significance of the following:
1. "guest laborers"
2. The Wafd
3. Muslim Brotherhood
4. Arab League
5. Bambata Rebellion
6. African National Congress
7. Kurds
8. Aswan High Dam
9. Six Day War
10. Afrikaner
11. Palestinian Liberation Organization
12. "Eretz Israel"
13. Intifada
14. mullahs
15. Camp David Accords
16. Négritude
17. OPEC
18. Balfour Declaration
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1. As president, dictator, and reformer, he went far toward transforming the western remnant of the discredited Ottoman empire into a modern state.
2. This revered leader of the A.N.C.s struggle against apartheid was released from prison by South African government in 1990.
3. This president of the Black People's Convention was killed in jail by police.
3. This Nigerian playwright and human rights activist won a Nobel Prize.
4. This military leader, premier, and monarch thwarted British attempts to make his country a protectorate and changed its name to Iran.
5. This premier was overthrown by a coup when he attempted to nationalize Iran's petroleum industry.
6. This member of a military junta that overthrew the Egyptian monarchy made a strong bid to become leader of the Arab world.
7. This conservative Islamic theologian led a revolution which overthrew a Middle Eastern monarchy.
8. As prime minister of Israel, he forged an agreement with the PLO that allowed for autonomous Palestinian regions in Gaza and the West Bank.
9. This former World Bank economist led his country through a period that combined industrial growth with political repression.
10. This Arab leader with no permanent political base dedicated his efforts to the cause of the Palestinians.
11. The son of an illiterate goldsmith in Britain's former Gold Coast colony, he became one of the most prominent leaders of African colonial revolt.
12. This head of a major Arab country signed a peace treaty with Israel.
13. The aggressive action of the is president of a Middle Eastern state precipitated an international Crisis in August of 1990.
14. This South African president first reformed, then repealed, South Africa's apartheid laws.

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