Below are a number of items with which you should be familiar after reading Chapter 26. Enter your answer in the blank. Note: You must enter NUMERIC VALUES, then click your mouse anywhere outside of the input box to check your answer.
1. George Stephenson's steam railway:
1. increased the speed of railway cars to 15 mph.
2. was so inefficient it was commercially useless as horses could transport goods faster than his trains.
3. was later shown to be of a design stolen from Richard Arkwright.
4. all of the above.

2. This device produced 16 threads at once, more than doubling the production capability of a wheel.
1. The water frame.
2. The cotton gin.
3. The spinning jenny.
4. The spinning mule.

3. The dual chamber steam engine was invented by:
1. Thomas Newcomen.
2. Eli Whitney.
3. Robert Fulton.
4. James Watt.

4. The Industrial Revolution occurred:
1. sooner in Continental Europe because there were so many more natural resources.
2. spread very rapidly and efficiently to the continent from England.
3. affected very vew people before the 20th century.
4. significantly later in continental Europe due to political and geographical considerations.

5. Which of the following affected industrialization on the continent:
1. Tariffs
2. Transportation difficulties
3. Few major coal deposits
4. All of the above
5. 1, 2, and 3

6. The Napoleonic Code:
1. helped foster industrialization by guaranteeing freedom of contract and encouraging commercial expansion.
2. had no provisions pertaining to economic development.
3. discouraged other continental European nations from industrializing.
4. None of the above

1. I invented a device which combined features of the jenny and the water frame, increasing production of cloth by 200 to 300 times.
2. I invented a device which revived a flagging industry in the American South and Southwest.
3. I invented a water powered device which allowed mechanical (quantity) production of warp and woof threads.
4. I invented a power producing device which pumped water out of mines, however, it was fairly inefficient and improved greatly by James Watt.
5. I added a separate chamber this device, allowing more efficient operation.
6. I invented a device which increased the speed and efficiency of thread production and named it after my wife.


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