Explain the significance of the following people:
1. Fuggers
2. Viscount Charles Townshend
3. John Law
4. John Kay
5. Jean Baptiste Colbert
6. Duke of Bridgewater
7. John Wesley
8. Philip II
You should also be able to explain the significance of the following terms. Click to check your answer.
regulated company
"middle passage"
joint-stock company
open-field system
chartered company
putting-out system
"deserving" poor
Match the event in column I with the date in column II. Click to check your answer.
1. First English Navigation Act
A. 1607
2. Dissolution of French East India Company
B. 1694
3. Bubonic plague in Seville
C. 1649
4. Founding of the Bank of Sweden
D. 1720
5. Founding of the Bank of England
E. 1651
6. Ending of the slave trade in England
F. 1747
7. South Sea and Mississippi Bubbles
G. 1657
8. Establishment of first English colony in North America
H. 1769
9. Road and Bridge Corps of civil engineers originated in France
I. 1666
10. Great Fire of London
J. 1807


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