Below are a number of items with which you should be familiar after reading Chapter 17. Enter your answer in the blank. Note: You must enter NUMERIC VALUES, then click your mouse anywhere outside of the input box to check your answer.
1. In the Americas agriculture began first in:
1. Canada
2. New Mexico
3. Mexico
4. the Amazon valley

2. The cliff dwellers' culture of New Mexico flourished about:
1. 900-1200
2. 700-500 B.C.E.
3. 1500-1750
4. c. 1000 B.C.E

3. African stateless societies were:
1. chaotic and very stratified
2. remarkably democratic
3. highly centralized
4. unable to provide for the most basic needs of their citizens

4. The site of the earliest advanced civilization in the Americas was:
1. the Gulf coast of Mexico
2. Guatemala
3. the Mississippi delta
4. the western slopes of the Andes

5. The most massive architecture in the Western Hemisphere was produced by the:
1. Olmecs
2. Aztecs
3. Tiahuanacans
4. Incas

6. The kingdom of Ghana:
1. was a muslim empire
2. tightly controlled the gold trade of W. Africa
3. became extremely wealthy dealing in slaves
4. converted to Christianity around 1200

7. The Toltecs, who dominated central Mexico by 950 C.E.:
1. completely destroyed Teotihuacán civilization
2. surpassed the Mayas as artists
3. contributed the ball-court game to Mesoamerican culture
4. were the first people to practice human sacrifice

8. Expansion of N. African Islamic empires:
1. drove almost all Christians from Africa
2. effectively severed African Christian ties with European Christians
3. had no impact on the Christian kingdoms of Africa
4. resulted in a mass exodus of Christians to South Africa

Explain the significance of the following:
1. Quetzalcoatl 2. Chichen Itza
3. Toltecs
4. Swahili
5. "Pyramid of the Sun" (Lima)
6. Askia
7. Mansa Musa
8. Bantu
9. Animism
10. Sunjata (Sundiata)
11. Inca
12. quipu

For each culture named below, decide which column they belong to and their correct chronological order. (Beginning dates for each culture are approximate.)
1. Tiahuanacan
2. Teotihuacán
3. Maya-Toltec
4. Moche
5. Olmec
6. Inca
7. Aztec
8. Chavin


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