World Civilizations

A Warring World:
Alliances and Insecurities

Primary Source Documents
Trenches on the Web
This whole site is wonderful, and if you're interested in the period we recommend you spend lots of time exploring the art, music, and document files, but for our purposes, pay particular attention to the list of alliances in chronological order with full text documents for each agreement. Also has background information and commentary for each country involved. Just about any major World War I figure is covered somewhere on this site.
World War I Documents Archive
Brigham Young University hosts a fabulous collection of World War I documents organized by date, country, etc. In addition to official documents, treaties, etc, they feature personal memoirs of the era.
Multilateral Project
The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Massachusetts features a full text collection of multilateral treaties dating back to 1899. They also have Other Historical Documents many of which are pertinent to your study.
Gopher--U.S. History
This wiretap list will give you access to text versions of many historical documents. It's not as pretty as some of the picture-filled websites, but you'll get lots of good text data and you won't have to wait for graphics to load.
The Documents Room
The University of Kansas has an incredible collection of documents. You may find some U.N docs, and some U.S. docs which apply to your study. (The World War I collection links you to the archive at Brigham Young University listed above.)
Documents Related to American Foreign Policy
Great resource.

Other Resources:
A Course of Study
This site has some good information, including pictures. This particular link will take you to an overview by Max A. Forsythe which is concise and provides a list of major players in the conflict.
The Great War Society
This journal posts articles relating to various (and specific) aspects of the Great War which you may find helpful for your analysis.



World Civilizations

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