World Civilizations

A Warring World:
Alliances and Insecurities

Instructions: Some events or series of events have a profound influence on the entire world and all aspects of society. These watershed points in history affect not only individuals, but societal patterns in an unmistakable way. World War I was such an event. Its causes and effects on family structure, art, literature and religious practices have been exhaustively studied. What happened to bring about such momentous changes? Of course, there are many factors, but for this project, research the alliance system which seems to have in part precipitated World War I. Write a detailed chronology of the events which led up to World War I. Include major political figures, alliances, treaties and international incidents in your work. Choose the twenty most significant events, alliances, and/or personages, and include at least one paragraph which comments on the importance of each. Conclude your work with a paragraph which indicates whether or not you feel the alliance system directly caused World War I, or whether other factors would have led to just such a conflict.

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World Civilizations

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