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Two Versions of the American Revolution
Modern History--A Soviet Viewpoint
This resource provides several chapters from a 1965 textbook written in Russia. You will find a new interpretation of facts which American students may find surpising. Look carefully for those facts. Are they accurate?

American History - a collegiate textbook
This is a chapter excerpt from a very popular college level textbook, AMERICA: A Narrative History by George Tindall and David Shi. The work is well respected by historians and used in many classrooms. How are the same facts used in this work?

Other Histories
From Revolution to Reconstruction
This is a super resource which provides another perspective. The site, though created in the Netherlands by students of a small college, uses a particular text as the basis for their coverage of American history. Make sure to find out which resource they are using, as this will have bearing on your analysis.

The Frontier in American History
Though this is not a textbook history of the United States, portions of Jackson's work pertain to the early american period covered by the other resources. Chapter Two specifically discusses the Massachusetts Bay colony.

Radical Truth in American History
Again, more specific than general, still provides another perspective if the topics covered (puritans, white slavery, etc) fall within the range of the period you've chosen to examine. You must search carefully (and probably offsite) to get a perspective on Michael Hoffman, his qualifications and potential bias.

Hispanic America USA
The Revolutionary period is covered on this site in several articles. Click "home" on their site to find information on the authors.

Revolutionary War History
This site boasts a set of essays on important Revolutionary War time events. Who has written them? What is their background? Their source materials? They might provide an interesting contrast to some of the other documents.

Primary Source Information
Documents from the Continental Congress and Constitutional Conventions
American Memory has a superb collection here if you wish to have some primary source evidence to compare with the textbook summaries you are analyzing. There is also a nice timeline off this page which provides a fairly thorough list of historical facts associated with this era.

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