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Warring over Holy Land

Conclusion: Journalists and politicians can't give you all the facts. They are working with sixty second sound bites and worrying about public opinion. You must learn to explore for yourself important issues which shape the way your generation's history will be written.

Instructions: Read the questions again. Review the answers you gave at the beginning of the exercise. Has exploring the historical documents changed your perception of Israelis or Palestinians? How have your answers changed? Include this information in a brief paper which notes the three or four most significant events which you feel led to armed hostilities. Be sure to use primary source evidence to back your statements.

  1. What exactly are the Israelis and Palestinians fighting about?
  2. When did the conflict begin?
  3. Who do you perceive to be the aggressor? (If you feel both parties fit this description, which do you feel is more aggressive?)
  4. Should the International Community be involved in settling this issue? Why?


World Civilizations

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