World Civilizations


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Link Collection

The Medieval Sourcebook
Terrific archive, many materials.
Other Links:
Dictionary of Medieval Terms
This reference may prove helpful if you encounter many terms with which you are unfamiliar.
The Orb Encyclopedia
Explore what other scholars and students have to say on many topics. Reading these essays may give you research ideas or help you look at your evidence in a new light.
Illustrations at Orb
Visual representations also reveal much about medieval life.
Catholic University NetSERF
This is a wonderfully diverse collection of links. Archaeology, Architecture, Culture, Drama, History . . . their list of links goes on and on. Nicely organized, too.
Castles on the Web
If you want to write a paper on the lifestyles of the medieval rich and famous, visit this site. There are great pictures of hundreds of castles all over Britain and Europe, interiors and exteriors. Imagine what it must have been like to live in one of these massive, gorgeous, drafty, and damp relics.
Georgetown University has an impressive collection of sources. Journals, monographs, and all kinds of other references.


World Civilizations

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