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The Sarashina Diary
Your main source for this assignment is the diary itself. The story begins with a nine year old girl's dreams and ends with the grown woman's account of her husband's funeral. 1009 - 1059.
Japan, A Country Study
This reference provides general historical information. The Sarashina Diary was written during Nara and Heian periods Also available is basic information on Buddhism, and the The Fujiwara Regency. In addition to historical information, there is a great deal of climatic and geographic information which may help you to understand the physical settings.
Japan's Ancient History
Covers to 1185 in brief text document.
This site features a brief history of Nara, with some pictures, and interesting bits of cultural history.
The Kyoto National Museum
This online exhibit features some beautiful paintings and other items from the period covered by the Diary.
Buddhist Wood Carvings
Traditional Japanese Art
This site contains information on Japanese literature as well as art. Boasts a link to a full text copy of Tale of the Genji, but we could not access this.
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