World Civilizations

Index and Link Lists for Historians

Internet Resources: General
This link list is part of Richard Hooker's great collection at Washington State University. This collection features links about philosophy, world cultures, archeology, women, and many other subjects. Not entirely annotated.
CTICH: History and the WWW
Computers in Teaching has a great link list, annotated, with a table of contents. (Check out the Bayeaux Tapestry images, or how about a searchable database of the 15th century Florentine tax assessment?) Some interesting stuff.
Discoverers Web Homepage
This list deals primarily with explorers, conquistadors, and adventurers. He has quite an extensive collection of links about explorations ranging from prehistory to 1957. Nicely organized, and fairly comprehensive. Some annotations.
Steven Mintz' Guide to Online Resources
Professor Mintz has a great collection here, eyepopping colors notwithstanding. Use his subject tree (in the left frame) to navigate the long, long link list. Not annotated, but lots of good stuff. (Note that this professor features an online History of Private Life. Scroll down to the Lectures. They are full of fascinating and funny details. We highly recommend it.)
Mississippi State Text Archives
This link list features a collection of links to historical texts, journal articles and other materials. It is a huge maze of information which I have not yet completely deciphered, but I ALWAYS find something relevant here. Be persistent. Cover page features subject grids. Lists not annotated. (Hint: Check more than one category for the information you require.)
American Studies Web
Superb resource. This cross-discipline reference features information and links related to psychology, gender studies, art, law, history, and many other categories. If your topic is American, visit this site. Lists are annotated.
Index of Resources for Historians
Without a doubt, the University of Kansas link list is one of the longest. It is organized alphabetically by category, and is not annotated. Truly, however, there is something for everyone at this site.
The History Hotlist
The History Channel hosts this link list. Extensive, subdivided into categories, not annotated.
H-Net Links
Huge list, not annotated, not categorized. However, H-Net offers a search page to save frustration. Click here to search the database of links by region, topic or affiliation.
Holmes: History/Literature/Philosophy
A short list of good links with nice variety, from Thoreau to Beowulf. Not annotated. Also on this site is Holmes: Visual Arts, the place to visit if you are researching art or film. From the Cannes Film Festival to the Digital Image vault at Stanford there are over 25 good links here. Not annotated.
I love the English Server at CMU. Take a look at this list of topics. Click on any of them and you'll find a plethora of primary source data, moderated discussion groups, link lists, etc. Great stuff, organized well. Not annotated, but fairly specific titles.
Voice of the Shuttle
This site, hosted by the UC Santa Barbara is another favorite. Extensive, cross discipline, very well organized, artistically presented, annotated lists of links and resources. We can't say enough good things about the work of Alan Liu and his associates. There is a collection of links devoted to History, but take the time to see what else is there.
Resources @ BYU
These pages are still in the throes of development, which shows in presentation, however, there are enough really, really good links here that we wished to include it. The list organized into broad categories but not annotated.
The Rey L. Pratt Center
This is a fantastic Latin American Studies research site. Not only is their link list one of the best I've ever seen for Latin America, they feature cross-discipline email contacts with nutritionists, linguists, historians, political scientists, and other academics at Brigham Young University who specialize in some aspect of Latin American life. It also features Newspaper Links for every Latin American country. The Link list is organized by country and some entries are annotated.
Ancient World Web
Julia Hayden's exhaustive list contains everything from the serious (ROMARCH) to the frivolous (Elvis in Latin) but we love it all. If Archeology is your interest, spend some time in Julia's world. Annotated lists.
NetSERF: The Internet Connection for Medieval Sources
Catholic University of America has a superb collection of links to all things medieval. If it's not here, you probably don't need it. Features Architecture, People, History, Music, and lots of other subjects. Annotated.
Premier Search Directory for Women online, and they have an impressive number of links to information about famous women. List is alphabetical, broken into several pages, and offers a search box to aid you in your search. Annotated.
World History Archives
Another great resources, divided into categories. Offers links to primary sources, journal articles and general information on a variety of world history topics. Also links to an image database and a source database. Links are annotated.
James B. Ross' Home Page
Digital Research in American History presents an annotated list of sources, however, some of the sources listed first on this collection are actually other indexes (good ones, but other indexes nonetheless). Later he includes sites submitted by his students/users and there are some good sites with primary source data given. Presented as email submissions came in, not topically, but many of the links are worth hunting for.

These are just a few of our favorite collections. If you run across a really great collection of links, or a unique listing not often encountered, share it with us. As the list grows, we'll categorize and subdivide. An email contact is provided below.

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World Civilizations

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