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"I think that the main lesson of the Holocaust is that there is no lesson, the main explanation that there is no explanation, the only thing is that this impossible thing was made possible and if happened it means that it could happen."
Ely Ben-Gal, historian and educator
All revisionists certainly cannot be classified as fringe radicals. Historians evaluate and reevaluate historical evidence all the time. It is a healthy and legitimate exercise when performed by educated and objective individuals. However, the material produced by some revisionist groups definitely promotes a specific agenda. According to the National Socialist White People's Party (formerly the American Nazi Party) "The real purpose of Holocaust revisionism is to make National Socialism an acceptable political alternative again."

The advantage true fringe groups have is that most people don't think anyone "out there" could possibly feel so strongly about someone based solely on race. Interview ten people on the streets, ten classmates, ten co-workers, and you'll find most people think something as awful as the holocaust could never happen again. With modern day communications, with multi-cultural education, the world is getting smaller, and people are beginning to realize that crimes against one race are really crimes against all humanity.

HOWEVER. There are large groups of people today who feel that the "Aryan" is superior somehow to other races. There are essays on-line, and entire sites detailing how and why "Aryan" peoples are better, both physically and mentally. While the majority happily goes about its business thinking "it couldn't happen", these groups are actively working to "make it happen". Is this not a shadow of what happened in Germany? So many thought it couldn't be, and so few made sure that it was. Take a good hard look at racism in our culture, via the world wide web.

Here and Now
Read their information on Holocaust revisionism and their party's political agenda. Read carefully. These people are serious.
Chapter Two - Ritual Murders
This book, published in 1938, has been posted in its entirety by a group dedicated to "Reconstructing a White Christian National Identity".
National Socialist Movement
Read their 21 demands. Starts out with fairly nonsubservise things like work, end of taxation on food, clothing and shelter, etc. Read on. Check out demand 19 "We demand an end to the lying Jew Bolshevik Press" and the capper "We demand racial segregation!" There is also an Essay
featured on this site calling Hitler "our immortal leader." and calling the white man to fight against the "alien/Jewish government that has almost total control over our country."
World Church of the Creator
Is "mongrelize" a word? Read all about how the White race is elite, and everyone is out to destroy it. (Click back a few chapters, you'll find that the "white" race has been decreed by the Eternal Laws of Nature and history to be superior. Apparently Nature isn't aware that European whites didn't come out of feudal hovels until well after Muslims, Chinese and Native Americans had developed scintillating and dynamic cultures complete with art, monumental architecture, science, and medicine.)
Hate on the Net
This site has links to more than 50 sites dedicated to hating one group or another. We have not directly linked to the most violent, offensive sites. (Such as the site which features the photo of a young man, crucified, presumably because he was a Christian. The organization? Christian Holocaust.) If you would like to explore the truly dark side of the net, and "many, many links to a bunch of bad, bad people"; if you need more evidence that racism is flourishing, surf this site.
White Supremacy Movement
This essay covers the roots of the movement and its adherants. (Not written by a supremacist group, it is, instead a study of white supremacy in general.)
What can I do?
There were communities who banded together to save Jews during the Holocaust. You can do as they did. Become involved in your community. Check out sites like the Simon Weisenthal Foundation. hateWatch also monitors all types of bigotry, and provides information such as "hate-free" Internet Service Providers. Don't ignore white supremacist leaders who operate in your communities. Don't ignore racism. Open your mouths.


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