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History in Revision
Instructions: Read through at least two of the following reports. Note the sources used, types of evidence quoted, basic arguments. Who are the authors? Why do these authors feel that current histories are inaccurate? Are their arguments logical? Supported by evidence? Summarize four or five of their main arguments.

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Revisionist History
Auschwitz Myths and Facts Mark Weber
"The camp's horrific reputation cannot, however, be reconciled with the facts."
Leuchter Report Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.
"Construction of these facilities shows that they were never used as gas chambers."
Photo Gallery John Ball
". . . It is physically impossible mass gassings occurred in the alleged buildings."
"Holocaust 101" Eric Zündel
"In a Struggle to Free Us from The Lie of the Century!"
A Short Introduction Arthur Butz
"The "Final Solution" spoken of in the German documents was a program of evacuation, resettlement and deportation of Jews"


World Civilizations

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