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Cairo Museum
The museum has gorgeous pictures online, including a picture of the well-preserved Ramses II. Also has texts and architectural renderings.
Book of the Dead
Translation of the Egyptian religious text.
Brooklyn Museum
Beautiful artifacts, nice photos.
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
This site has some beautiful color photos of the collection, as well as a wonderful tour complete with audio and video files online. Check it out!
Nefertari, Light of Egypt
VRML tour of Nefertari's tomb. Check it out!
University of Chicago's Oriental Institute
Quicktime Movie Tours! Nifty techno-research!
Royal Mummies
Interesting pictures of mummies, and a debate about which royal mummy is which.
Brief explanation of the mummification procedure. No sources given.
Modern Egyptian Ritual Magick
Commentary and references to Egyptian ritual from a modern "magickers" perspective. Interesting!
University of Memphis
Images of the collection, etc.
Tour of the Temple of Abu Simbel
Virtually tour Ramses II temple complex. Great photos.
KMT (Modern Egyptology)
Visit issues of this journal online. The cover art alone is worth a look, and there are several good articles to read also.
Interesting interactive, with explanations of hieroglyphs, and other frequently asked questions.
Information on mummification, bibliography.
Herodotus describes the mummification process in Book II. (Passage 85 through 89) Unfortunately, this html version does not include the passage numbers. Scroll down about one third of the way through the book.
Summum Mummification
A Salt Lake City company offers mummification modeled after Egyptian practices.
This site at the University of Illinois explores the identity and cause of death of a young mummy. 3-D Imaging. shows what the child may have looked like in life.
3-D Reconstruction
What's inside that mummy case? Modern diagnostic tools reveal the mysteries. Visit this 3-D reconstruction of a real mummy.
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When you've finished surfing the sites and collected good historical evidence for some aspect of Egypt's funerary practices, write a brief paper which uses primary source evidence to support your points. Make sure to focus on a very narrow topic. When completed, click .


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