World Civilizations

The Darkness, the Water, and Breath:
Ancient Birth of the World Mythology
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Genesis-The Hebrew Creation Myth
Text with notes. If you want to learn more about Robert Alter's highly regarded new translation of Genesis published by W.W. Norton in 1996,
The Rig Veda -Indian (S.E. Asia) Creation Myth
Text with notes. 10:129. Primordial chaos, organization.
The Rig Veda -Indian (S.E. Asia) Creation Myth
Text with notes. 10:90. Primordial sacrifice, creation of man, animals, social structure.
Enuma Elish -Babylonian Creation Myth
Nice introduction, with footnotes. However, no return to text key, so you'll have to do some scrolling. Other versions are available at Grimoire and St. Joseph's University.
From Primitives to Zen, by Mircea Eliade.
This collection of creation stories represents cultures from all over the world. Here are just a few of the cultures you can sample from this work:
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World Civilizations

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