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Pan-American History Timeline

Pan-American History Timeline
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Central America |
South America
Dates are B.C.E. until noted * mya=million years ago
c.20,000.Migration across the Bering Sea to the Americas
5000Domestication of corn in Mexico
2000Potatoes cultivated in Andes
1500Lima Beans Cultivated in Peru
c.1500-300C.E.Olmec civilization in Central America
c.300-700C.E.Teotihuacán culture in Mexico


c.300B.C.E.-700Teotihuacán culture in Mexico
c.300-1500.Mayan civilization in Central America
c.600-1000Tiahuanaco culture in South America
c.600Manufacture of bark paper in Mayan civilzation
800-1000"Time of Troubles" in Mesoamerica
c.1000-1500Inca civilization in South America
c.1000-1300.Toltec hegemony
c.1325Tenochtitlán (Mexico City) founded by Aztecs
c. 1520-1550Spain gains control of Central and South America

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