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1 Men Prone to Wonder: America Before 1600
2 The European Settlement of North America: The Atlantic Coast to 1660
3 Empires (1660-1702)
4 Benjamin Franklin's World: Colonial North America (1702-1763)
5 Toward Independence (1764-1783)
6 Inventing the American Republic: The States (1776-1790)
7 Inventing the American Republic: The Nation (1776-1788)
8 Establishing the New Nation (1789-1800)
9 The Fabric of Change (1800-1815)
10 A New Epoch (1815-1828)
11 Political Innovation in a Mechanical Age (1828-1840)
12 Worker Worlds in Antebellum America
13 The Age of Improvement: Religion and Reform (1825-1846)
14 National Expansion, Sectional Division (1839-1850)
15 A House Dividing (1851-1860)
16 Civil War (1861-1865)
17 Reconstruction (1865-1877)
18 The Rise of Big Business and the Triumph of Industry (1870-1900)
19 An Industrial Society (1870-1910)
20 Politics and the State (1876-1900)
21 A New Place in the World (1865-1914)
22 The Progressive Era (1900-1916)
23 The Great War (1914-1919)
24 A Conservative Interlude: The 1920s
25 The Great Depression and the New Deal (1929-1940)
26 Whirlpool of War (1932-1941)
27 Fighting for Freedom (1942-1945)
28 A Troubled Peace (1945-1953)
29 Eisenhower, Affluence, and Civil Rights (1954-1960)
30 Reform, Rage, and Vietnam (1960-1968)
31 Revival of Conservativism (1969-1980)
32 "The Cold War is Over" (1981-1992)
33 Innovations and Divisions in a Globalizing Society (1970-2000)
34 The Politics of Division (1993-2001)
35 At War Against Terror

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