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From William Penn, England's Present Interests Discovered (1675)

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Certain it is, that there are few kingdoms in the world more divided within themselves [by religion]....Your endeavours for a [religious]Uniformity have been many; your acts not a few to enforce it, but their consequence, whether you intended it or not,...hath been the spoiling of several thousands of the free inhabitants of this Kingdom of their...rights. Persons have been flung into jails, gates and trunks broke open, goods destroyed,... parents left without children, children without their parents....I shall not at this time make it my business to manifest the inconsistency that there is between the Christian religion, and a forced Uniformity; not only because it hath been so often and excellently done by men of wit, learning, and conscience...but because every free and impartial temper hath of a long time observed, that such barbarous attempts were so far from being indulged, that they were most severely prohibited by Christ himself....But there are...objections that some make against what I have urged, not unfit to be considered. The first is this: If the Liberty desired be granted, what know we but Dissenters may employ their meetings to insinuate against the government, inflame the people into a dislike of their superiors, and thereby prepare them for mischief....Answer....What Dissenter can be so destitute of reason and love to common safety, as to expose himself and his family, by plotting against a government that is kind to him, and gives him the Liberty he desires?