Media Worksheet

Real Rosie, 1

These images from World War II wartime industries and military training camps depict Normal Rockwell's famous Rosie the Riveter in real life. As you examine the photographs, consider what inspired so many women to join the war effort. What kind of work are these women shown performing? What racial and age diversity are included in the pictures? Was such work for women a radical departure from the normal sex segregation in these work places? How might the women have experienced the changes? What do you think will happen when the soldiers return home and the plants turn back to civilian products?

"The six plane factories of the Douglas Aircraft Company has been termed an industrial melting pot, since men and women of 58 national origins work side by side in pushing America's plane output. S. O. Porter, Douglas's director of personnel, recently declared that Negroes are doing an outstanding job in all plants. Leudell Mitchell and Lavada Cherry are shown in the El Segundo Plant of the Douglas Aircraft Company." Created by the Office of War Information, 1941-5. Held at the Still Picture Branch, National Archives, Control Number: NWDNS-208-NP-2YYYY(1).